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"Great to build your confidence and skills in art in an environment that is relaxing and encouraging. Katie is a great communicator and values everyone's creative energy"

Di Hilyear Artist and Arts Educator 2018

"I’ve been studying with Katie for years and have loved every minute.  She inspires and nurtures her students while gently pushing them to take risks and push boundaries.
Her classes never fail to lift my spirits."
Jen Storer Children's Author 2017

"Kate strikes a perfect balance: creates a free & welcoming space to explore & learn, gives gentle directions without breaking flow & walks the talk, all the while creating her own beautiful work. Heaven’s gates!"

Adrienne Dec 2018

"The Life Drawing class is a wonderful way to develop technical skills in a warm and non judgmental atmosphere. Katie is an inspiring artist, who generously shares her knowledge and passion for art."
Trish Dec 2018

"Thank you Katie. You have introduced me to a world that is full of art, colour and light and I have loved every minute of your classes. . You are a generous and patient teacher and your classes are a lot of fun, whilst also being challenging but relaxing. I have learned so much. "

Dr Dianne Edwards Dec 2018 

"Under Katie’s gentle guidance and encouragement I finally overcame my initial fears about “not being good at art” and was able to engage in the class more fully. She puts everyone at ease and helps us develop at our own pace. The classes are a mix of art history, theory and practice, a great balance. Really stimulating, and I’ve signed on for more!"

Janice Sinclair Dec 2018 

Katie at the beach house.jpg

I have been running these classes for over eight years now. I was surprised when I started then to find I have had many happy students return year after year!

I really try to be conscious of everyone's needs in the group and I keep the classes very small and safe too. One of the things I am most proud of the great 'class culture' in the classes, which really means creating community. I work hard to try to make my classes safe spaces, supporting everyone equally and encouraging a positive and fun atmosphere. 

Please let me know if you have special needs, worries or anxieties about attending and we can have a chat about how to make the classes comfortable for you. 

Have a look at some of the feedback I have received – so you know I am not just tooting my own horn! ;)

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