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Katie Roberts Art Classes are unique and friendly.

I believe everyone can learn to draw, and I can show you how. I teach in a way which is both deeply informative and fun. You will learn traditional techniques and have the freedom to explore, experiment and develop your inner artist!

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6 Week Online Art Course 
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Drawing from Nature











Season is Here!

Enrol Anytime! 

Nature is the greatest teacher. Observational drawing is the key to real artistic learning. Through this course you will be invited to connect with nature and learn essential tools on your drawing journey. Katie Roberts is a master drawer and has been teaching for ten years. This online class delivers you intimate and deep drawing opportunities, sensory meditations and is perfect for relaxing, connecting and deepening your knowledge and restoring your artistic practice, and filling your creative well.









Six Week/Self-Paced Course -  Delivered over 6 weeks

You will receive - 6 half video tutorials and class notes

Each covering a single drawing topic and subject!

Classes Consist of - Six half-hour video lesson

An email PDF lesson notes, examples and exercises,

Individual email follow up and feedback on your art!

Plus BONUS videos too!

Interested in Zoom Art Classes? Let me know!

I may be able to add this component to the course,

(depending on class numbers). 

Each week you will receive a new half-hour Video Tutorial and notes by Katie Roberts, an intimate class from her home studio in Melbourne Australia.

Each week we cover one topic and subject in a mindful and calming lesson. 

  • Week one - Drawing an Apple - Line, Mark-making, Tone

  • Week Two - Drawing a Leaf - Realism and Tonal Drawing 

  • Week Three - Drawing a Tree - Gesture and Freedom

  • Week Five – Drawing a Flower - Structure and Tone

  • Week Six – Drawing a Still Life - Colour and Composition

These classes give you a chance to draw from home, connect with nature with what you can find at home and in the garden or local park. These lessons are relaxing and focused on being present, appreciating the senses and celebrating the seasons.


All while teaching you really key art lessons and drawing from observation! 

Six weeks of intimate art lessons for

 Only $450 (Australian Dollars)

Seriously, you'll love it!

See below for reviews and testimonials. 

Join us!
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Katie's Art Classes
Drawing from Nature


Katie's Art Classes are a unique way to connect with your creativity, nurture your inner artist, release yourself and finally feel free and learn how to draw! 

Do you want to nourish your Inner Artist?

Do you wish to connect more with Nature?

Do you long to feed your Creative Life?

Do you need to feel more Peace?

Have you always wanted to Learn how to Draw?

Many of my hundreds of students have felt this through my classes. Perhaps you too dream of a life in which you feel deep peace, calmness and their own wild creativity!
Maybe you wish for a more connected to life itself?
When you engage with the natural world, touch the earth, smell the flowers, hug the trees! You will find that your love and connection for the natural world grows.
Learn to nourish this connection, and you will give as well as receive more calm, inspiration and energy.
Like Magic!
These video lessons will nourish you! This online course
– Drawing from Nature – is designed to enrich your life, calm your soul, deepen your connection to nature;
All while Learning to Draw!    

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Celebrate the Seasons
Welcome to my online course where you will receive an email lesson once a week with a half hour video in my wonderful home and studio.
We will explore the senses through simple lessons – drawing things we find around the home and garden. An apple, an autumn leaf, a flower, an oak tree. Finishing with a full still life drawing! 
You will be guided every step of the way in these deeply relaxing and informative lessons, while your teacher and professional artist Katie draws along... join my in my lovely, rustic home studio, under the giant oak tree. Be transported into art! 


People who have enrolled in
– Drawing from Nature –

have said:

"I found Katie’s class to be a really enjoyable and relaxing way to work on my drawing. So supportive and informative. I have improved in my use of tone, and have a better understanding of the structure of trees and flowers. I’m enjoying using some new skills in my art.

Thanks Katie." Justine Smith

"Katie's 'Drawing from Nature' class was a supportive and stimulating learning experience. It made me feel encouraged and challenged to apply myself to very detailed drawing of natural objects. I learnt some technical skills and and enjoyed the support from Katie and the other students.

I was very happy with my final artwork. I would recommend these classes to anyone wanting to spend some time developing their art and picking up new skills."

About Katie Roberts
      Artist and Teacher



Welcome, so glad to see you here! 

Yes, I am a professional artist with a passion for sharing my knowledge in a seriously fun and fabulously informative way.
I work from my home studio in leafy Melbourne.

Art is essential to my life, since I felt my calling to be an artist at aged four! 


For over a decade I have been teaching art in the community and at university. I have a unique approach to art and art teaching, I believe everyone can learn to draw! 

One of my major projects is about the history and environment of the Yarra River in Melbourne – you can have a look at more about my artwork over here. 

Students say that I create a really safe and encouraging space, that the class culture is wonderful and it is not long before they feel comfortable sharing and exploring art together. an encouraging and friendly approach. I teach in a fun, challenging and experimental way, while imparting a strong knowledge of traditional techniques and skills as well.If you would like to know how they feel from their words directly go here

Qualifications – I have them and I'm not afraid to use them!

Unlike many art teachers online I know my stuff. I was taught by some of the best!

I hold a Masters of Fine Art and a Honours Degree in Fine Art majoring in Drawing from RMIT where I studied under renowned drawing teacher Godwin Bradbeer. I have been life drawing for 25 years. I have held 15 solo exhibitions, participated in over 30 group show and my artwork in held in many private collections. I am fulfilling my dreams and my calling as an artist and I have some of that magic to share with you. 


I have taught hundreds of students and I know I can help you learn to draw too!  

I look forward to creating together soon, if. you can't come to a class in person, the online one is a good option. Please don't be shy, feel free to reach out to me. 

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read this!


With warmth and creativity, 

Katie xo









PS Have a look at my courses or email me to find out more! :) I'd love to hear from you. 

PPS  Want to Enrol - Ready to Go! 

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